dota2剃刀改名雷泽-今年DOTA2冬季赛分析预测官网推荐 刀塔2国内比分分析-Gaming Features Writer

dota2剃刀改名雷泽-今年DOTA2冬季赛分析预测官网推荐 刀塔2国内比分分析

Gaming Features Writer

About dota2剃刀改名雷泽-今年DOTA2冬季赛分析预测官网推荐 刀塔2国内比分分析

dota2剃刀改名雷泽-今年DOTA2冬季赛分析预测官网推荐 刀塔2国内比分分析 (he/him) has a BA in English, with a minor in journalism, achieved in 2022, from Adrian College. Throughout undergraduate school, Anthony wrote for the local student newspaper covering diverse news content as both a staff writer and editor, and in his last year of studies, pursued an opportunity to manage social media content for the school’s emergent esports team. Also, during undergraduate school, Anthony briefly contributed to and edited a student literary magazine featuring local creative writing and art. Anthony’s top picks for favorite games include Bethesda’s RPGs, Arkane Studios’ stealth-action titles, and less specifically, looter-shooters, survival-crafting, and souls-borne game genres as a whole. Any game where Anthony can play a healer role is also a worthy contender, especially where fantasy/magic is involved. Outside of gaming, Anthony enjoys street photography, drawing, writing, and playing the cello. Anthony was born in late 1999, playing video games all throughout his life, and currently plays on a gaming PC, built by his older brother, also the Oculus/Meta VR, and Nintendo Switch.

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