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Christopher has been playing, working on, and writing about video games for over 20 years, and has a lifelong passion for the gaming industry as a whole.

Following a childhood spent playing and reading about games whenever he had the chance, Christopher began working as a gaming writer for in 2004. During his time at ActiveXbox, Christopher posted news stories, wrote reviews of new and upcoming games, and provided on-site editorial coverage of E3 for three years in a row. After several years spent writing about games, Christopher made the move to Los Angeles where he would spend the next part of his career helping to create them. During his time in the gaming industry, Christopher worked with multiple developers and publishers, including Activision Blizzard and Saber Interactive, and provided production support and quality assurance assistance on over a dozen shipped titles for PC and consoles.

After several years spent away from the gaming industry, Christopher is excited to be a part of the team at dota2全特效配置-DOTA欧洲职业联赛买比赛外围,DOTA2比赛数据网页 and writing once again about the hobby that has brought him so much joy. A self-professed XR evangelist, Christopher has spent the last several years exploring new possibilities for gaming and entertainment with virtual and augmented reality. When he's not playing games you can find Christopher exploring his beautiful home state of Colorado, auditioning for voice over work, creating VR and AR art, or planning out his next overseas adventure.

Drawings of Cuphead and Mugman on an 可以买lol比赛手机app下载-LOL手游LCS春季赛国际比分预测网站-LOL游戏国内大数据专家推荐 background

Adorable 可以买lol比赛手机app下载-LOL手游LCS春季赛国际比分预测网站-LOL游戏国内大数据专家推荐 Art Turns Bosses and NPCs Into Cuphead Characters

An artistically inclined 可以买lol比赛手机app下载-LOL手游LCS春季赛国际比分预测网站-LOL游戏国内大数据专家推荐 fan gives the FromSoftware game’s sometimes disturbing NPCs and bosses an adorable Cuphead-themed makeover.

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