Dark and Darker's fourth alpha playtest is currently running (as of the time of writing this). It's currently planned to run from February 6th, 2023 to February 13th, giving players a full week to mess around with the new changes, map, and general updates.

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In Dark and Darker, the intended 'goal' of the game is to dive into the dungeon, grab as much loot as possible, and get out. And, as far as loot goes, there's quite a lot. Everything a player picks up within the dungeon can be sold to the Merchants when they get out, with general gold and silver antiquity/pottery/dishware selling for the most. But, what about one of the rarer items players are stumbling across, the Ancient Scroll? What exactly does this item do, and if sold, how much is it sold for?

What Does The Ancient Scroll 'Do'?

Dark and Darker - Inventory With Ancient Scroll In It

Sadly, the Ancient Scroll currently does not have a purpose in Dark and Darker. It's unclear whether this will change in future alphas or even the full release, but right now it serves no actual function. Despite taking up a whole 6 inventory slots and coming across as some sort of 'rare' item, this thing does nothing and that's not even the worst of it.

Is It Worth Picking Up & Selling?

Dark and Darker - Selling Ancient Scroll To The Collector

Short answer? No, the Ancient Scroll is not nearly worth the gold it sells for, at least not in comparison to the valuable items players could put in its place. Ancient Scrolls take up six squares of the player's relatively limited 50-slot bag space, and it only sells for about 3 Gold at the Collector if a player manages to extract with it in hand. So, it's much more worthwhile for players to fill those four slots with random jewelry or tableware. And, quick tip for beginners, random weaponry (unless of a very high rarity) is also not worth holding on to for its sell price, at least over the single-slot valuables like jewelry and such.

Now, there are higher rarities of Ancient Scrolls, as some players have reported seeing green, blue, and even purple variants. Sadly, these ones are also pretty much worthless, and it's unclear if they sell for any more than the basic 'flawed' version does.


Dark and Darker - Showing Ancient Scroll Item Description In Inventory

To cap things off, let's do a bit of theory crafting. The Ancient Scroll is one of the only items in the game to have such a unique appearance but without a function, so it's clear that the developers of the game probably plan to give this item some function at some point. With that in mind, what purpose could this item eventually serve? Well, based on what's been shown of the game so far, here are some of the things the community seems to think the Ancient Scroll is eventually going to do:

  • Hold a single use of a spell so non-magic classes can use magic in a pinch or Wizards can cast an additional spell they didn't already have equipped.
  • Contain some amount of experience for quicker leveling.
  • Serve as an item in some future event they have planned to be exchanged for the event currency.
  • Have use as a material used in some sort of crafting mechanic.
  • Fulfill some role in activating some game function, such as summoning a boss if used in a certain area or opening some ancient doorway that would otherwise remain locked.

Again, it's unknown what the actual plans for this item are, but there are plenty of routes the developers at Ironmace could go down.

Dark and Darker releases in late 2023 on PC.

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