A clip making rounds on the internet shows off why the line gun in Motive Studio's Dead Space remake is a double-edged sword. While there are many ways to dispatch the untold horrors lurking in the USG Ishimura, some methods in the new Dead Space have unforeseen consequences.

Motive Studios has exceeded expectations with its faithful remake of 2008's Dead Space. Currently sitting at an 88 on Metacritic, the survival horror classic has seamlessly made the jump to the modern day, boasting phenomenal visual and sound design, as well as the satisfying, limb-shredding gameplay fans of the original hoped would make the translation. Released on January 27, the Dead Space remake quickly claimed the top on the UK sales chart for physical copies and has a solid spot inside the top 10 for the Steam sales chart's global sellers, boding well for the chances of EA green-lighting a remake for Dead Space 2.

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In a clip posted to Reddit by Single-Elderberry377, the odds in a fight against a necromorph take a terrifying turn after misusing the line gun's alternate firing mode. Creating a static laser tripwire capable of quickly dismembering pathing enemies, the line gun is an important weapon during Isaac's jaunt through the USG Ishimura in Dead Space when used effectively. Unfortunately for Single-Elderberry377, the line gun's tripwires have friendly fire and attach to literally any surface, including the foreheads of enemies. Accidentally placing his upgraded alternate fire attack just so, they inadvertently gave the necromorph a three-pronged laser horn. The rampaging zombie alien proceeds to press the attack, with the deadly beams slicing and dicing through Isaac's RIG armor. After a moment of panic, Single-Elderberry377 was able to kill the necromorph and regain their composure, but not before learning a very valuable lesson the hard way.

One of the most praised aspects of the original Dead Space was its engaging and inventive arsenal of weaponry. To the relief of fans, the remake also delivered in that field, providing gameplay where lining up headshots is not always the best approach, making tactical dismemberment and crowd control critical for survival. Isaac finds the line gun approximately a third of the way through the game, opening up the possibility to create choke points that trivialize some encounters. Due to its friendly fire, using the gun incorrectly can also mean Isaac's downfall.

While the Dead Space remake is truly terrifying, even in the scariest encounters there can be humor in human error. Clips like Single-Elderberry377's highlight how sometimes all you can do after making a terrible mistake is laugh about the misfortune of it all, then post it on the internet, so others can get in a good laugh.

Dead Space is available now on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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