Those who want a quadruple dose of Doom will be interested to know that someone has managed to play the iconic shooter across several monitors by installing the game on four separate DOS-powered machines. Known for its ludicrous amounts of video game violence and gore, especially for its time, id Software's 1993 release has become an institution in the first-person shooter genre, pretty much laying the foundations for future titles that were inspired by it.

Along with some of its contemporaries like Star Fox, Mortal Kombat 2, and The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening, the original Doom will be turning 30 this year. While the industry at large has advanced significantly over these past three decades, Doom's influence is still being felt to this day. One of the things that keeps the game in the limelight is the sheer number of devices and unusual systems that fans have ported it to. However, one person has decided to go back across the ages to see this important FPS running on an antiquated operating system.

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The twist is that YouTuber Tech Tangents is not just running Doom v1.1 on MS-DOS, which the game was initially built for anyway, but also wanted to set it up across more than one monitor. In their latest video, they give a breakdown of not only attempting to play the game on four monitors connected to four separate PCs. Despite it being done through DOS, it's still a lot of work, especially given that the PCs have faster processors than Doom is used to. While Tech Tangents says the title supports multi-monitor set-ups, they describe this method as "overkill," particularly with the number of computers they're using.

At around the 29-minute mark, the game can be seen installed on all four machines, and after much tinkering, the YouTuber finally gets it to run on all four monitors. Three of them are used for the main game, though with 90-degree discrepancies that make things look a little weird, while the fourth monitor sits on top and is used for the map. It's a very interesting way of running the classic shooter, and while there are many devices that Doom has been ported to, it feels like this example is a love letter to the old days of PC gaming.

Not only is Doom one of the most influential FPS releases in history, it's also a game that pioneered online multiplayer long before it became common. The young studio managed to knock it out of the park with the first Doom. Fortunately, the series is going strong even now, still celebrated in this modern era.

Doom was released in 1993 and is available on multiple platforms.

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