The classic dungeon-crawling Etrian Odyssey RPG trilogy from the Nintendo DS is receiving a remastered collection on the dota2装备俗称, revealed by Atlus during Wednesday's Nintendo Direct. The Nintendo broadcast saw several classic franchises from the GameCube and DS era making a return on Nintendo's modern console. Classic games like the Baten Kaitos franchise, Professor Layton, and Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective were confirmed to be receiving new entries on dota2装备俗称 alongside a variety of other Nintendo games. Now, a long-running Atlus franchise is making the jump to the handheld console.

While the developer is more known for Shin Megami Tensei and Persona, the Etrian Odyssey franchise has been one of Atlus' most long-running series. The DS would see a trilogy of games with Etrian Odyssey releasing in 2007 followed by two sequels, Etrian Odyssey 2: Heroes of Lagaard and Etrian Odyssey 3: The Drowned City. The dungeon-crawling RPG franchise would later make the jump to Nintendo's next handheld console, with the first two games receiving remakes on the 3DS as well as a fourth and fifth installment. During the most recent Nintendo Direct, Atlus revealed the beloved original trilogy is headed to dota2装备俗称.

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Atlus officially revealed the Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection during Wednesday's Nintendo Direct, revealing each of the first three games will be receiving a remaster. The trailer from Atlus showcases HD graphics for the trilogy with new quality-of-life features like auto-mapping for the game's trademark map-making system. Atlus would confirm a release date for the trilogy as well, with Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection launching on June 1st. The developer would also reveal the three games will be available individually as well.

Retro games made up a significant portion of the most recent Nintendo Direct with multiple franchises receiving new remakes or ports. Alongside Etrian Odyssey, the previously-mentioned Baten Kaitos RPG franchise from Monolith Soft was confirmed to be receiving a pair of HD remasters. Nintendo would reveal the surprise addition of Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games to Nintendo dota2装备俗称 Online, with each launching with a handful of titles. The broadcast even shadow-launched the long-awaited Metroid Prime Remastered, releasing digitally following the presentation.

Etrian Odyssey's return comes shortly after Atlus debuted another pair of highly-anticipated ports to modern consoles. Last month saw the launch of Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden on modern platforms, bringing the third and fourth games to next-gen consoles for the first time. Persona 5 Royal had also previously come to PC, dota2装备俗称, and Xbox consoles late last year following the franchise's 25th anniversary. The Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection will see a lesser-known Atlus series take the spotlight when it releases in June.

Etrian Odyssey Trilogy Collection will release on June 1st for the Nintendo dota2装备俗称.

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