Fashion Dreamer was just announced exclusively for Nintendo Switch by XSEED, a subsidiary of Japanese game developer Marvelous. The game will likely scratch an itch for those wanting to live the life of a fashion influencer and will add to the wide array of simulation games being offered by Switch.

The game was developed by Syn Sophia, the company that produced the Style Savvy series for the Nintendo DS and 3DS. The original Style Savvy was released in 2008 in Japan and in 2009 in Europe and America. Although the game only had mixed to average reviews, it still spawned three sequels and created a loyal following. Now the company has turned towards a new title while still maintaining an interest towards fashion.

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In Fashion Dreamer, announced during the Nintendo Direct presentation, the player becomes part of the world of Eve, where anyone can become a style icon and the next big fashion influencer. The game will offer over 1000 different style choices, so everyone can create their truly unique outfits. Players will be able to connect with others by traversing the world and liking their outfits. But liking someone else's ensemble also means the ability to now wear that particular outfit, and additionally, every like received also grows the player's status as a fashion influencer. Players will also be able to recommend outfits to other users and their avatars, which are called Muses. To increase the level of personalization, Fashion Dreamer also allows players to edit the colors of their outfits, which will help an influencer establish their personal style and grow their platform.

Comments under the trailer mention that the graphics and animation are very much reminiscent of the Style Savvy games, which is a real recommendation to the fans of that series. While there are plenty of simulation games on Switch, it seems there's plenty of interest in a specifically fashion-inspired game. As a commenter worded it, "Switch is starved for fashion games." Considering Fashion Dreamer is continuing the Style Savvy legacy, it'll already have a loyal pool of fans to draw from who'll likely purchase the game on release. Although at the moment a concrete release date is not known beyond the fact that it'll be sometime in 2023.

Many games released on the Nintendo Switch, as a general rule, help a lot of people to escape the everyday grind of life and become someone else, whether it's about owning a farm or a fashion empire. When it comes to Fashion Dreamer it seems it'll fill in a gap for an audience geared towards fashion games.

Fashion Dreamer will be released in 2023.

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