A big part of Fire Emblem Engage's focus on tactical gameplay is outfitting units with the best possible equipment to help them thrive in combat. The game offers a variety of ways to get the most out of units with features like Emblem Rings that can be equipped to give units access to bonus weapons and skills, weapon refining to boost the base stats of a unit's weapon, and even specific single-use items that can permanently increase a unit's base stats. However, one of the most important and often overlooked aspects of gearing up in Fire Emblem Engage is engraving weapons with Emblems.

Along with containing an Emblem Hero from the series' past, each Emblem Ring also have the power to engrave a weapon with its associated Emblem, giving that weapon a variety of different stat changes. Players can engrave weapons with Emblems by talking to the Smithy at the Plaza in the Somniel, like they would for refining a weapon with metal ingots. With all the different ways different Emblem engravings can affect a weapon's stats, it's important to engrave the Emblem most appropriate for the unit that will be using it.

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All Emblem Engravings in Fire Emblem Engage


The most obvious Emblems to engrave weapons with are ones that offer boosts to stats in Fire Emblem Engage across the board. Marth's Emblem of Beginnings is a great all-around Emblem since it gives +1 to Might, +10 to both Hit rate and Crit chance, and +5 to Avoid and Dodge. Another Emblem with generally solid benefits is Sigurd's Emblem of the Holy War which gives +1 to Might, -1 to the weapon's Weight, and +20 to Avoid. Leif's Emblem of Genealogy is also great for all-around buffs granting +1 Might, +20 Hit rate, and +10 Avoid, but it does come with the downside of +1 to the weapon's weight.

Some Emblems don't offer bonuses to a weapon's strength, but add other useful abilities, like Lyn's Emblem of Blazing which has -3 Might, but adds +40 Hit rate, +20 Crit chance, and -2 Weight, or Eirika's Emblem of the Sacred which similarly adds +40 to Hit rate and +20 to Crit chance at the cost of -20 to both Avoid and Dodge. Both of these Emblems end up being good for fast characters with already high Crit chances. Byleth's Emblem of the Academy is also great for rounding out non-strength related stats as it adds +2 to the weapon's weight, but also adds +30 to Hit rate, +10 to Crit chance and Avoid, and +30 to dodge.

Players layers looking to beef up the strength of a weapon by increasing its Might should engrave it with Ike's Emblem of Radiance since it grants +3 Might at the cost of +15 additional Weight or Roy's Emblem of Binding, which adds +2 Might at the cost of +8 Weight and -30 Avoid. On the other hand, players who don't mind drops in strength should use Emblems like Micaiah's Emblem of Dawn which lowers Might by -3, but reduces a weapon's weight by -1 while granting + 40 Avoid and +20 Dodge. Lucina's Emblem of Awakening similarly lowers Might by -1 in exchange for +30 Hit and Avoid, as well as -1 Weight.

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