Given the overwhelming success of its predecessor, to say that expectations for God of War Ragnarok were a little high would perhaps be a bit of an understatement. From the moment the game was announced at Sony's PS5 Showcase event back in late 2020, the team over at Sony's Santa Monica Studio has been under enormous pressure to deliver a worthy successor to the popular 2018 title. Of course, few would perhaps have guessed it given the overall quality of the final release.

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Not only does God of War Ragnarok live up to all of the hype, but, for many, it manages to exceed expectations. It's the highest-rated first-party game on the PlayStation 5 at the time of writing and a must-play for both fans of the long-running series and those who enjoy a good story-driven game. Even those who are already familiar with the series may need a little guidance here and there though, both when it comes to the main story and the many side quests and collectibles that the game has to offer.