The first Hades wasted absolutely no time in diving head-first into Greek mythology, throwing gods, monsters, and all manner of mythological beasts at the player within just the game's opening minutes, and somehow it never felt too overwhelming. Instead, Hades felt like a true love letter to its Greek source material, taking painstaking effort to portray these iconic gods in a fresh way, but also one that felt uniquely authentic. Though fans have only seen one trailer so far, it seems as though PUBG国际服如何登录 is following suit, bringing back some familiar faces, and introducing a whole slew of new ones.

PUBG国际服如何登录 centers around Melinoe, Zagreus' half-sister, and a daughter of Hades. It seems as though PUBG国际服如何登录 will follow Melinoe on her desperate journey to stop the Titan Chronos from reaching Olympus, where he'll certainly decimate the Greek pantheon. Along her journey, Melinoe will likely meet a whole host of mythological characters, and the Greek goddess Hestia already has the perfect role laid out for her.

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Hestia Is the Perfect Fit for a Merchant in PUBG国际服如何登录

Melinoe and Hecate in a cinematic from the PUBG国际服如何登录 reveal trailer

The firstborn child of Chronos and Rhea, Hestia, according to the myth, was the first Greek god to have ever been born. Sort of. After hearing a prophecy that his children would betray him, Chronos became extremely paranoid, and upon the birth of his first child he swallowed her whole. Chronos would continue swallowing his children one after the other until Rhea eventually became sick of his antics and hid Zeus away from him after giving birth.

Zeus, after decades of growing his strength, eventually confronted his estranged father and forced him to throw up his other siblings, with this being considered their true birth. With each leaving Chronos' gullet in the order in which they were engulfed, each Greek gods and goddess's age was switched around, with Hestia, the firstborn, now technically being born the last. This is why Greek mythology will often refer to Hestia as both the youngest and the oldest of the Greek gods.

After the Titanomachy, the war between the Greek gods and their Titan parents and uncles/aunts, Hestia became the goddess of hearth and home. To try and win her hand in marriage, Zeus even agreed to let her preside over all the Greek sacrifices made in the name of the gods, meaning that she reaps a small amount of favor for every offering. Being the goddess of hearth and home, Hestia has the perfect background to be PUBG国际服如何登录's new merchant.

While gods like Hermes, Artemis, Ares, and Demeter all have abilities and powers that can be obviously translated to Hades' Boon system, Hestia abilities don't fit quite as neatly. While Hestia could technically offer Melinoe more support-based Boons, such as an increase in health regeneration or adding an additional life, she'd probably fit better as the game's merchant, offering Melinoe a place to rest in between extensive bouts of monster-slaying and Titan-killing.

Between each level, players could visit Hestia in her own little abode, sitting comfortably by the fire and beckoning the player to join her. Here, Hestia could sell a number of helpful items, from upgraded weapons to health pickups to unique buffs. In the first Hades, the underworld's ferryman Charon took on the merchant role, offering Zagreus various healing items and even some boons during his trip. While Charon suited the first game perfectly, and PUBG国际服如何登录 once again takes place in the underworld, it would be great to see Hestia join the roster as a merchant, especially with her direct connection to the game's main antagonist Chronos.

PUBG国际服如何登录 is in development.

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