There are a ridiculous amount of side quests in Hogwarts Legacy, some of which are a lot more involved than others. One of the more straightforward ones is called "Flying off the Shelves" and requires players to track down five flying books for a young Gryffindor named Cressida Blume. It can be triggered in the Central Hall once players have reached Level 2, though the bulk of the action actually takes place in the nearby library.

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In order to complete "Flying off the Shelves," players will need to make use of two of their most important spells; those being Revelio and Accio. They'll also need to explore both floors of the library, as a couple of the books that they'll need to find are in the upper area. All five books can be tracked down in just a matter of minutes though, making this one of the easiest side quests to complete in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Complete Flying off the Shelves


After speaking with Cressida in Central Hall to trigger the side quest, players should head straight for the library, which can be reached by exiting the area through one of the doors to the west. Once inside, players should use Revelio to highlight any nearby floating books and then cast Accio to summon them, being sure to check down each and every aisle so that they don't miss any. There are a couple of flying Field Guide pages in here too, so players should grab these if they haven't already.


After collecting all three flying books from the ground floor, players should make their way upstairs. There's another moth painting like the one from the "Like a Moth to a Frame" side quest here, with the moth itself over near a lectern at the top of a staircase over on the far side of the library. The other two books can be found floating around in the aisles, with players simply needing to use Accio to summon them. Just like last time, Revelio can be very useful if players are having trouble spotting the flying books.


Once they've found all five books, players will be prompted to return to Cressida, who can once again be found in Central Hall. There'll be a dialogue choice here, though it doesn't seem to make any difference whether players try to blackmail her and ask for a reward or hand over the diary willingly. Whichever they choose, they'll receive 180 XP and the Avian - Grey Wand Handle, which can be used to customize the appearance of the playable character's wand.

Hogwarts Legacy is available now on PS5, Xbox Series S|X, and PC. PS4, Xbox One, and Switch versions are currently in development.