Players are given quite a lot of choices in Hogwarts Legacy, both when it comes to the house that they're sorted into and the clothes and equipment that they wear throughout the game. There are even a few instances when players will be asked to make a decision relating to the main story, such as during the opening stages of the game ahead of the playable character's first visit to Hogsmeade.

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After completing their first two classes, Hogwarts Legacy players will need to head to the Transfiguration classroom to meet with Professor Weasley. Once there, she'll once again grill them about their adventure with Professor Fig before asking them to choose a partner for a trip to the magical village of Hogsmeade. There are only two options here, these being Natsai "Natty" Onai and Sebastian Sallow.

Should You Go to Hogsmeade with Natty or Sebastian?


For those wondering, it doesn't really make too much of a difference whether players choose Natty or Sebastian to go with them to Hogsmeade. With this in mind, players should choose the one that they're most interested in learning more about, as they'll have an opportunity to talk with their traveling companion quite a bit during the trip to Hogsmeade. Thankfully, players will still have plenty of opportunities to talk to the person they don't pick later on, so whether they go with Natty or Sebastian on this occasion really is quite inconsequential.

How to Go to Hogsmeade


After choosing either Natty or Sebastian, players will need to head outside and complete an assignment for Professor Ronen. This involves using Acio to summon two floating pages, one of which is in the courtyard hovering around the nearby broken statue. The other is just inside the Defense Against the Dark Arts Tower, which can be accessed via the southern exit of the courtyard.


Once they've found the two pages and returned them to the professor, players will learn the Reparo spell and should use it to put the broken statue back together. After that, it's time to meet the person who players chose earlier near the entrance to Hogwarts. On their way there, they'll pass through the Central Hall, where they can trigger both the "Like a Moth to a Frame" and the "Flying off the Shelves" side quests. These are entirely optional though, so players who are eager to get to Hogsmeade can head straight for Natty or Sebastian as soon as they're ready to set off.

Hogwarts Legacy is available now on PS5, Xbox Series S|X, and PC. PS4, Xbox One, and Switch versions are currently in development.