As Lost Ark celebrates its first anniversary, Amazon and Smilegate have shared a detailed infographic image sharing what both players and the game have accomplished in its inaugural year. Originally developed for the Korean player base, Lost Ark saw massive commercial success after its release back in February 2022. Though the first year hasn't been all smooth sailing, the developers seem to have regained their footing and are prepared for the next few years.

Developed by the South Korean developer studio and publisher Smilegate, Lost Ark saw an incredible amount of success and fan support from the native MMO community since its original release back in December 2019. The game's popularity was so great that in 2022, Smilegate teamed up with Amazon Games to launch Lost Ark for the global market through Steam. In 24 hours of release, Lost Ark became the second-most-played game in Steam history, with an all-time peak of 1.3 million players. A Diablo-esque action RPG with a free-to-play model, Lost Ark ticked a lot of boxes for a lot of MMO fans, and the game's first-year statistics are proof of that.

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The infographic showcases an assortment of feats both players and the game's enemies have racked up over the last year. Most notably, Lost Ark's various enemies have caused over 1.6 billion player deaths in one year. As for the players themselves, they have accumulated over 25 million Abyss Dungeon Clears and 99 million Guardian Boss kills, and have collected over 30 million Island Souls and a staggering 734 million Mokoko Seeds from all across Lost Ark's several continents. The numbers keep on rising from there on out, as players have summoned their mounts over 8 billion times and have dealt over 29695 billion points of damage in Lost Ark's PvP mode.


As for the game's share of statistics, Lost Ark's Guardian and Raid bosses haven't given an inch to players in terms of numbers. While many of the Guardians have given their lives for player progression, the Night Fox Yoho has returned the favor in kind, with an impressive tally of 15 million player deaths. The four Legion Raids are some of Lost Ark's hardest endgame PvE content, and the raid bosses live up to their legendary status. Notably among the four, Vykas of the Covetous Legion has racked up an impressive 58 million player kills under her belt with a Kill/Death ratio of 37.28, but Brelshaza of the Phantom Legion has topped the chart with a Kill/Death ratio of 55.87 with her raid being cleared a mere 221,618 times.

Lost Ark's incredible journey hasn't been without hiccups and problems as the game at launch suffered from a massive botting issue and an equally problematic ban wave. But since then Smilegate has worked tirelessly to bring quality changes to the game. Fans of the MMO can rest easy for the future, as Lost Ark ushers in a new year with the Anniversary Update.

Lost Ark is available on PC.

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