Marvel Snap is the comic book universe's latest foray into the mobile gaming market. While many mobile games out there tend to push microtransactions and Battle Pass' to players, Marvel Snap doesn't do that (too much). The mobile card battler does have a Premium Season Pass, and players can head to the in-game shop and spend real money on in-game currency, but the game doesn't push on it too hard, and it's all cosmetic anyways. Marvel Snap players will earn cards as they progress through their Collection Level ranks, increasing as players upgrade their own cards. Upgrading cards doesn't affect the card's prowess in battle; it gives the card cosmetic upgrades, adding striking visual changes here and there. Making sure players have the best deck possible will help them overcome any opponent.

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Updated on January 31, 2023: Players looking for the best decks, cards, and other general tips and tricks can look no further than this complete Marvel Snap guide. We've recently added guides for how to battle against friends and a bunch of themed deck ideas from Spider-Man and Shuri to Thanos and Black Panther. We will continue to update this guide as more updates and content comes to the card-based mobile title.

With that being said, our complete guide to Marvel Snap will provide players with the tips and tricks they need to come out on top. This guide contains information on the best cards for the different Collection Pools, best decks, and more.