Along with a campaign, Minecraft Legends will include an open world PvP mode where players can put their skills and strategies to the test against others. It contains a wide variety of features ranging from resource control and management to constructing custom fortresses, and it is looking to be one of the most freeform PvP modes in the industry.

Minecraft Legends' PvP mode will likely imbue it with a longevity that it would probably not have without it. Many of the features allow for each session to feel different and unique, lending itself to on-the-go strategies. It is reminiscent of what many players hoped New World's PvP would be like, and the way that it should have been.

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Where Minecraft Legends in PvP

Minecraft Legends

With a release date for Minecraft Legends on the horizon, it won't be long before players get to experience the game's PvP mode. But New World's PvP has already been explored thoroughly, with wars and open world PvP being the most similar to Minecraft Legends. Wars pit two teams of 50 against each other, with one team defending a fort while the other captures objectives in order to penetrate it. Open world PvP goals are much more dependent on the player, with the main goal being to capture forts. However, New World lacks many of the nuanced features which lessens the value of strategy when it comes to how players approach combat and non-combat situations.

For example, the construction of fortresses is non-existent in New World. Many of them are pre-built, with only certain fortifications being made. Minecraft Legends has the allay construction mechanic, which gives players greater control over how their fortresses are made. This also allows for a greater degree of strategy as well, with players being able to opt for certain builds that grant them an advantage in some situations. Pre-built structures allow for strategy, but lack the personality and play style preference that would spawn from a player-built structure. It takes away creativity from the player, which removes the fun of unpredictability and adapting on the go to achieve victory.

Another advantage Minecraft Legends has is randomly generated maps for PvP. This is most relevant for resource gathering, as players will have to adapt their strategies based on the resources most available to them. It will also mean players will have to maintain control over resources, possibly having to defend them from enemy players. Hoarding and defending resources is something New World lacks, as players can safely gather them while also relying on their respawn timers. As a result, gathering resources feels more like a leisurely stroll rather than something that contributes to PvP.

One of the biggest ways New World's PvP should have been like Minecraft Legends is its focus on chaos over fairness. While fairness should always be considered that games aren't overly one-sided, making a game too fair can take away from the fun. For example, the pre-built structures mentioned before allow players to fight on an even playing field, but it takes away from the player's ability to take advantage of certain build strategies that could turn the tides of battle. The fun of RTS games in coming up with strategies to trick and defeat your enemies. For example, Minecraft Legends' mobs can attack player fortresses, which can be used as an opportunity to attack a fortress while it is under pressure.

Minecraft Legends could be exactly what the RTS genre needs, as it combines the freedom of Minecraft with the play style of Command and Conquer. Hopefully, games like New World can take inspiration from where it succeeds to improve its own PvP systems. Though it hasn't released, it shows promising ways players can use their creativity to turn the tides of battle.

Minecraft Legends releases on April 18 2023 for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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