An official Sonic the Hedgehog cookbook has been revealed. While it may seem like a strange new addition to the tons of Sonic-themed merchandise, the franchise has had an interesting history with food. Many of the classic characters, such as Sonic's best friend Tails, have had favorite meals for years, and now fans can experience the colorful cast's favorite dishes in the way that they like in a dedicated book for it.

On Amazon, the book is listed as featuring over fifty recipes of appetizers, full meals, desserts, sides, and even drinks, all with a Sonic the Hedgehog theme. While the description of the cookbook suggests that most, if not all, the recipes are character themed, some dedicated fans might find surprising callback treats to make. For instance, one example page features "Evil Cookies" based on treats Eggman made in one episode of the Sonic Boom TV series.

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Despite the fact that cooking typically takes a rather long time depending on the dish, the new cookbook plans to remain true to the blue hedgehog's signature speed and promises that all the recipes featured only take 30 minutes or less to prepare. It also aims to make the culinary offerings fun for even the most novice chefs, featuring different dishes of all skill levels to help ease fans into making the harder ones as they go.


Interestingly, Ian Flynn, the writer of Sonic Frontiers, is listed as one of the book's authors. This most likely means that he wrote the descriptions while aiming to keep things consistent between the many Sonic projects currently being worked on. The franchise is currently adjusting to having a dedicated Sonic lore team in order to keep the brand consistent, which Flynn is a member of. This may seem a bit strange, but at the very least, fans will finally know exactly how Sonic likes his all-time favorite food, chili dogs, which is naturally featured in the book.

Regardless of the book's humorous potential standing in Sonic lore, it sounds like a fun way for fans to immerse themselves in the series even more. The description of the product suggests that there will be recipes themed after Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Dr. Eggman, and Shadow the Hedgehog with a tease that even more will be featured among its many offerings.

The cookbook serves as one of the many smaller surprises Sonic fans can look forward to throughout 2023, such as the Sonic Frontiers DLC and the new Sonic Prime episodes said to come out later this year. As fans await the cookbook, there are bound to be many more fun announcements to enjoy as the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise continues to speed ahead.

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