A recent Nintendo Direct has revealed that the Professor Layton series is finally making a comeback on the Nintendo Switch with Professor Layton and The New World of Steam. The last game in the series was Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy, which was released on 3DS but was later ported to the Nintendo Switch in 2019. Since then, no new entries in the series have come out.

Many fans have missed the puzzle-adventure game series, which was a smash hit when it was first released for the Nintendo DS back in 2008. The games featured a unique art style that blended well with its animated cutscenes and quirky characters that players grew to love. Developer Level-5 has stated before that Atama no Taisou and Sherlock Holmes were inspirations for the Professor Layton games, which have led to some interesting and fun concepts integrated within the game.

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Now, Professor Layton is making his big comeback via a new game called Professor Layton and The New World of Steam. It was announced during the latest Nintendo Direct, which happened on February 8, 2023. In the teaser, the graphics have seemingly been upgraded to feature 3D models—with series protagonist Herschel Layton standing dead center along a pathway surrounded by steaming machines. The title then reveals itself along some cogwheels as the final text appears stating that "A new mystery will begin."

While no further details were mentioned, just the announcement alone will get most fans to be hyped up. With what looks to be a new graphics system in place, along with the interesting Steampunk aesthetic, the Layton franchise may be making a big move to give fans something to look forward to. The last time the team tried something fresh, the experimental Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney was born to above-average reviews.

With Herschel Layton's last chronological appearance being in Professor Layton and the Unwound Future, it is yet unknown whether series regular sidekick Luke Triton will be involved in this new game. In fact, it's going to be a big question whether the previous protagonist Katrielle Layton will be involved as well. With so many speculations going on for a 30-second teaser, one thing is certain, Professor Layton's comeback to a modern console is a welcome return that will help scratch the puzzle-adventure itch that players have grown accustomed to in the franchise. With the Nintendo Switch's robust features, one can only hope that Level-5 and Nintendo utilize the new hardware specs to include new features such as more downloadable puzzles and possible Amiibo integration within the game.

Professor Layton and The New World of Steam is in development for the Nintendo Switch.

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