Nearly half a year since it was first shown, Tron: Identity was showcased with more gorgeous visuals alongside the announcement that it will be a timed Switch exclusive. The narrative-driven visual novel developed by Blithel Games is a new entry in the scarcely-realized universe of Tron, with the hope of adding more to the world outside the films. At the time, there wasn't much as to when it would release besides in 2023, and with this latest news, it's been revealed many can expect to wait a little bit longer if they don't desire to play Tron: Identity on the Nintendo Switch or PC.

Tron: Identity was first shown at the D23 Disney & Marvel Games Showcase presentation as a welcome surprise, as it was a far cry from the franchise's previous forays into the world of video games. Different from its predecessors, Tron: Identity is a visual novel that takes place in the Grid, where players take control of the detective program Query to solve a mystery. The game relies heavily upon character choice, as each will matter as players explore the Grid and uncover its secrets. When it was announced, Tron: Identity was given a release target of 2023 on both PC and consoles.

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However, some may have to wait a bit longer. In the latest Nintendo Direct, which showcased games like Pikmin 4 and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, also had Tron: Identity in its lineup, showing off a short trailer of the game and more of what it will entail. It then finished by announcing that Tron: Identity will be released first for consoles on Nintendo Switch in April. A following tweet by Blithel Games confirms this.

In the trailer, more shots of the game's beautiful art style were shown, some of which displayed the puzzles involved and the choices the player will make. Decisions and the relationships gained or destroyed by them will influence the future of the world, branching paths that lead to Tron: Identity's different endings.

Back when Tron: Identity was first announced, Disney put emphasis on wanting to try different ideas with its franchises, with Tron: Identity being an important step in this direction. By partnering with an indie studio such as Blithel Games, it has shown how important smaller developers with unique visions can be to the industry. With this timed console exclusivity deal on Nintendo Switch, a console that has recently surpassed the sales number of the PS4, it is certain to be put front and center in front of a more casual audience who prefer to take their games with them.

Tron: Identity is set to release on Switch and PC in April, with its release on other consoles yet to be announced.

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