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World of Warcraft: Dragonflight has hit the MMORPG world by storm, and veterans are finally loving it. Many are even taking the time to enjoy the leveling experience before jumping into end-game. The expansion continues to impress all players and has been well-received by the masses; something that has proven difficult for Activision Blizzard to pull off in recent years.

As with every new expansion in the World of Warcraft universe, so much has changed about each class specialization, the world, and more. Professions were completely revamped, crafting orders were introduced, and the auction house had an overhaul. Did I mention that all of these changes were also extremely-well received by the community? See a trend here?

With all of these changes to core gameplay in Dragonflight, we have guides to cover everything you need to know to navigate your way back to the game, after (obviously) taking a break from WoW during the mid-Shadowlands era.


  • 01/17/2023: Season 1 Bis Lists Complete
  • 12/19/2022: Added More Class Guides
  • 12/1/2022: Added Renown Reputation Guides